Our Packaging

ColorMasters has become a leader in the packaging industry and is considered an innovative and competitive provider of flexible packaging. By using technology and equipment that are setting the pace in the industry, we are able to offer an impressive array of packaging options.

Our ability to print high-definition flexographic images using the new MasterTone printing process allows us to reach rotogravure printing standards on any package. This being one of many reasons that ColorMasters is considered an industry leader.

The visual perception of a package plays an important role in the consumer's choice. The package often serves as the first communication between the manufacturer and the consumer. Therefore, the packaging's appeal-or lack thereof- can determine whether the consumer selects that particular product or passes over it for one that has more appeal.

ColorMasters understands that our customers want to provide a package that is easy to use, easy to close, easy to store and easy to discard. In fact, we have multiple machines to create an extensive assortment of configurations to meet any customers demand for packaging. We also supply many different industries with packaging and are the choice supplier when it comes to snack foods, fresh and frozen foods, bakery items, pantry staples, household goods, lawn care products and pet foods, as well as hunting and fishing supplies.

Food packaging is a very important component of the overall business at ColorMasters. All product manufactured at our facility are produced in a food safe environment which is third party audited by AIB International. We have achieved superior ratings and strive to maintain a safe overall environment for the packaging we produce and for the employees who produce it.